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About Us

Our History

For nearly 100 years our family has farmed in East Central Alberta, near the Town of Castor.  Over this period our family has raised a variety of crops and livestock.

Our current farming operation continues to include crop production, comprising forages, cereal grains, oilseeds, and pulse crops. 

Over recent years we have diversified to incorporate yak production into our farming operation.  Integrating yak production with our crop operation has provided a complementary benefit to each enterprise.

Our People


Melvin has been farming for more than 50 years with a focus on farm mechanics.  Melvin is the one who keeps everything running.

After retiring as a home health aide, Elfriede has remained active on the farm, including book keeping, administration and experimenting with yak meat recipes. Elfriede is the one who thinks of things the rest of us don’t.


David appreciates that his employment at Serecon Inc. allows him the flexibility to spend time in the field and tending to the yak.

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