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When I was born I had problems with my legs, but thanks to the kind people at Stettler Vet Clinic (#greatvets) I got magic stockings to help me walk.

Hello!  My name is Clara and I am a young lady yak.

This is me riding home from the vet clinic when I was one day old.

When I looked across the fence, I wanted to run and play with the other yak calves.

So I started drinking (milk that is)

And I made sure I drank it to the last drop.

So when my magic stockings came off I could run like Forrest Gump

It was great to make new friends....

That I could yak around with

But I wanted to grow bigger and stronger

So I kept drinking....

And eating

Along the way many people helped me grow...

And Grow...


When I look back I remember all the people I enjoyed meeting, including people from England, USA and even newly weds on a honeymoon tour.

And I look forward to  even more great times ahead.

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