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Granary Road

Join us at the Granary Road Market (south of Calgary) December 20-22

Culinaire Magazine

Read about us and Jennifer Rath with The Yak Ranch in this month's issue of Culinaire Magazine

Nutrition Comparison

For your convenience here is some nutrition information for other meats to compare with the nutrition test results for ground yak meat.

Nutrition Test

Here are the nutrition test results for ground yak meat from several yak recently processed from our own herd. You can compare these...

Herd Sires

Since it is the beginning of breeding season for the year, I wanted to introduce the handsome herd sires that we hope will bring us an...

Looking for Recipe Ideas?

Check out these recipes on the Calgary Co-op website and try yak meat with these beef recipe ideas.

Calving 2019

Calving 2019 has started. This momma is keeping a careful watch over her curious calf.

Breaking Trail

When the sun came out after our winter storm the yak had fun making their way through the drifts.

Steak on the Skillet

It may not be BBQ season yet, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy a great steak. Click here to see how you can prepare a perfect steak...

You Tube

For more videos of me and my friends - check out our You Tube Channel (Click Here) Feel free to subscribe to see new ones as they get...

Frosty Tips

Check out my stylish hair do on a chilly morning.

Meet Isabelle

Isabelle is growing up,but she still likes hanging out with her adopted dad.


This proud lady looks like an angel standing on the hill. I think she even has a halo.


This is a photo of the newest addition to our herd. This young fella surprised us on a very cold morning in January, but his momma took...

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