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We offer a selection of yak meat products, including raw cuts (steaks, and roasts), ground yak meat, and a variety of sausages.

We also have  ready to eat Yak Snacks, including jerky, kippered strips, and  pepperoni​. These are ideal for the briefcase, backpack, and hockey bag.

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If you are interested in learning how yak could reduce the carbon footprint of your diet -

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Yak Cuisine

To thrive in the coldest of temperatures yak produce a fine undercoat of wool that is shed naturally in the spring. This wool is widely regarded as  a luxury fibre.

Each spring we are  able to collect a limited quantity of this wool.  Ask us about the availability of raw yak fiber and fiber products.

Yak Couture

Interested in raising yak? 

Whether you are an acreage owner or a rancher, yak could be a fit for you.

 We have a selection of bulls, cows, and heifers available for sale.

Prices are according to individual animals, with discounts available for group packages.

For more reasons why you should consider raising yak - Click here

If you would like to see the faces of few members of our yak family Click here


Our Products

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