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We offer a selection of yak meat products, including raw cuts (steaks, and roasts), ground yak meat, and a variety of sausages. 

We also have ready to eat Yak Snacks, including jerky, kippered strips, and  pepperoni​.

All our meat products are prepared and packaged in a government inspected facility.

Product selection is subject to availability at the time of ordering.  However, you can preorder your request to ensure availability.  A greater selection of sausage flavours is also available when you preorder.  Contact Us about sausage flavours available for order.

Discounts available for purchasers buying a half or whole yak. The hanging weight for a half yak varies by individual animal. However, most half yak are between 200 lbs to 240 lbs - a very manageable size for many home freezers.

We offer delivery of products to common locations in Central Alberta once per month.  Delivery of individual orders can be arranged. However, some delivery charges may apply.

To place your order and arrange delivery - Contact Us

For some suggestions on cooking yak meat - Click here

Yak Cuisine

Local Food, Exotic Feast

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