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Whether you are an acreage owner or a rancher, yak could be a fit for you.

If you are an acreage owner...yak are smaller than cattle, so more yak can be raised on less land.

If you are a beef/bison producer...yak require no specialized facilities and can be integrated into your existing operation.

Here are some other reasons to consider raising yak.

Calving Ease:  With a birth weight of around 20 - 25 pounds, yak produce a small calf -even relative to the mother's size.  They are easy calving and rarely require assistance.  So if you are tired of checking cows in the middle of the night then consider yak

Feed Efficiency:  Yak are adapted with  superior metabolic efficiency, so they  are  able to make more effective use of available grass.  So if you have some extra grass that you would like to utilize then consider yak. 

Winter Hardiness:  Yak are adapted to thrive in cold environments and can tolerate lower temperatures without the need to increase feed consumption.  So if you are looking to raise an animal comfortable in Canadian winters, then consider yak.

Why Raise Yak

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